Special Issue on  

“Sustainable development issues, challenges, opportunities and its signifance on inclusive growth” 

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“The whole world is facing four key challenges: persistent poverty; globalisation and socio-economic transitions; sustainable development in the context of climate change; and human security, violence and conflict. Major potential risks include shocks in the world economy, civil conflict and fragility, long-term resource scarcities and climate change. As a result, policy needs to engage with change, focusing on the supra-national level to deliver global public goods.”

The complex and multidimensional issue of sustainable development is the core of the theme of the special issues. The theme raises a number of issues:  What is development in this context? What are the various approaches to development?   How do we define inclusive growth and what are the pathways to inclusive growth?  How can we better understand the unemployment-inequality nexus?  Are SDGs attainable? What are the challenges in the implantation of the SDGs?  What is the role of goals in the fight against poverty and inequality? What are the structural changes that world especially India needs to address to promote inclusive growth? What are the challenges in financing African development? Will SDGs lead to a structural change in the global economy or a continuation of business as usual? Does sustainable development require developed countries to shift their societies and economies to sustainable consumption and lifestyle patterns? What role does trade play in boosting growth?

The special issue will seek to explore these and other questions and policies relating to the eradication of poverty and inequality and the achievement of the SDG goals

Major topics are given below but are not limited

1- Significance of sustainable development growth (SDG) in present era.

2- Role of developed/developing countries in sustainable development growth (SDG).

3- India’s commitment to sustainable development growth (SDG).

4- Global warming and sustainable development growth (SDG).

5- Sustainable development growth (SDG) and renewable source of energy.

6- Significance and importance of inclusive growth/financial inclusion.

7- Sustinable development and inclusive growth.

8- Green marketing/economy.

9- Consumerism and sustainable development

10- Technological Change and sustainable development

11- United nations and sustainble development.

12- Rain water harvesting a step towards sustainable development.

13- sustainable development & non conventional source of energy.


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